Start targeting local customers

Simply download our media pack, decide the most appropriate advert size for your business, supply us with the items on our Editor’s Artwork Checklist before the copy deadlines and we’ll do the rest:

CM17: 15th of each month prior to publication
CM23: 10th of each month prior to publication

We can create a basic advert free of charge, and should you want something more bespoke designed a small charge will apply. If you don’t have a logo or need more support with your marketing, we can connect you with local service providers who can help you with this and your advert copy.

We offer discounts on advertising packages booked across multiple publications. We also support the local community and organisations such as schools and churches who can publicise their events free of charge on our popular community pages.

Delivery Dates*

* CM17 takes one week and CM23 takes 2 weeks to be delivered from the dates shown.

Edition CM17
Jan Tue 29th Dec -
Feb Fri 29th Jan Mon 25th Jan
Mar Fri 26th Feb Mon 15th Feb
Apr Fri 26th Mar Mon 22nd Mar
May Fri 30th Apr Mon 12th Apr
Jun Fri 28th May Mon 24th May
Jul Fri 25th Jun Mon 14th Jun
Aug Fri 23rd Jul Mon 19th Jul
Sep Fri 20th Aug Mon 9th Aug
Oct Fri 24th Sep Mon 20th Sep
Nov Fri 22nd Oct Mon 11th Oct
Dec Fri 26th Nov Mon 22nd Nov & Mon 6th Dec
Jan Wed 29th Dec -